Welcome to Northern Ireland Substitute Teacher Register

Northern Ireland Substitute Teacher Register

Welcome to the Northern Ireland Substitute Teacher Register (NISTR) information web site.  NISTR is an on-line web based facility which provides a real-time booking system and a regional centralised database for all substitute teachers in Northern Ireland.

If you are already a school or a substitute teacher registered on the system, you can use the Login button above to connect to the NISTR web application.  If you are a substitute teacher and you wish to register on the system then complete the stages on our New Substitute Teacher Registration page.  If you are a school and wish to register a new user please contact NISTR administration.

The system is changing, to find out more read our Upcoming NISTR Changes pages.  We are always aiming to improve our system and welcome feedback from users.

Latest Site Updates

  • School Calendar
    19 January 2017 As part of the NISTR system, all schools are now required to enter details of school closure days from 1st September to 31st August in order to support the provision of improved reporting on periods of continuous service and accurate information required...